Week 5/6


Audiobook/s: Have recorded the first session and am in the process of editing the dialogue and collecting samples to piece together the ambient atmosphere with.

Can’t Win. Do Try.: Distributed a copy of the movie in its current state to the clients so they can begin watching it and making requests. Have re-watched the film and made an additional assets list including cloth, footsteps and specifics. Trying to push this through as quickly as humanly possible so as to move into the next phases of the project.

Shit Narnia: Remixed and mastered the single from the EP and sent the band both a pre-master and mastered .wav (such trust). There is still more I would like to do to the mix but I’m waiting to hear back from the band after this latest reincarnation.

Throwing The Habit: We now have all documentation complete and have begun recording foley. A sheet has been drawn up to make the process easier to run from home and ensure more time can be spent on the project in a shorter period.


In this section I’ll take something that I’ve come across in my studies and try to provide helpful links and information for people like myself.

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) has much helpful information on their website, but this caught my eye. I’ve been trying to improve my sessions recently and so industry standard documentation is a big plus. Here is the parent document.


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