Week 3/4

I’m going to try to only mention projects in the projects section if they have been developed in the last 2 weeks.


Throwing The Habit: This is a game project that I’ve agreed to work on and a new addition to the list. So far I’ve had some initial discussion with non-audio members of the project team with regards to scope and have agreed upon a date for which the asset list is to be completed by.

Audiobook/s: Have made contact with the writer/narrator and agreed upon a date for our first session. Also I’ve found this gem http://macaulaylibrary.org/about which was published a week or two ago. Seeing as i will need to build a background of nature around the story this may be a good place to look for inspiration. There would probably be some issues with copyright if I started using their actual material though.

Can’t Win Do Try: Have spent the majority of my time working on this, as we now have given a finish date of 30th October. We are currently working on finishing the foley so that they can start watching the movie and making notes on changes they would like us to make.

Waits For No Man: Researching equipment that we will be using and workflow. It would be ideal if we were able to get our hands on a zoom f8 however we should be able to make do with a zoom h6. We would be running a boom (and/or omni condenser for enclosed areas) with radio mics where possible. I have read the script through once to get an idea but need to make further notes scene by scene and design recording ideas based on each situation.

Transnational Crash: I’ve been to their latest gig and had a chat with all the members regarding both the EP mentioned last week and the finishing of their single. 1-2 sessions will be needed for the single and this will happen before we delve further into the EP.

Shit Narnia: The band has contacted us and have a preferred release date for the single (the EP they don’t want to release until summer). I’ve dug up the old pre-tape sessions and if we record the last track in the new TLA room, running all the tracks through the same tape emulator or tape machine should help to give them similar qualities. I’ve also listened to the EP in a bunch of different environments and have been making notes.

Jugular: Have received a copy of this now but haven’t watched it yet. Have sourced and located a large pool of foley and samples that we could possibly pull layers from, however I will have to wait until after watching the movie.


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