Week 1/2

Welcome back!

I’m now in my 5th trimester and everything has become a lot more self directed. Unsure of which projects to use for assessment I’m going to be changing the format of these slightly until everything falls back into place.

Here is a link the unit guide for what hopefully is a better understanding of what I’m failing to explain.


Stendhal Syndrome – Second Level: This is a single track I’ll be recording and mixing for a friend. If I have nothing to cover my mastering aspect of assessment I may master this track, however hopefully I can find something that I can master in 5.1

Audiobook/s: Something a little bit different that I’ve started early discussions and planning for, this will involve recording dialogue for nature/wildlife based storytelling and supplementing it with bird calls/animal noises and general nature ambiance

Can’t Win Do Try: This is the feature film that I was working on as a side project last trimester and will be continuing into this trimester. We (Trevor and I) have a rough end date of December/EOY to aim for, and are currently in the process of recording foley to supplement the existing audio.

Waits For No Man: This is a new feature film for the same people as CWDT. Trevor and I will be recording the sound on set for this as well as doing post production/mix&master.

Transnational Crash – Authority: Single track recording and mixing. The drums were tracked previously a few days before campus closed last trimester so we have a head start with this one. Currently halfway through comping and editing drums and tracking the rest of the instruments in the coming week or two.

Transnational Crash – Collab EP w/ One Tiger Down & The Silent Deeds: This is really early talks currently, and the scope hasn’t been agreed upon yet but it would be good to get more industry credits, contacts and experience.

Shit Narnia: Due to my love of punk music and Shit Narnia in general I’m trying to weasel my way back into another one of Sam and Lee’s projects with these guys.

Jugular: Another movie project this involves working with an already released movie to improve the quality and make it sounds more professional – scope will include at the most basic some foley added and some audio replaced.


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