Week 11

This week we tracked the drums, guitar and bass for the Anything Could Happen reinterpretation. Each required a separate session with the drums and guitar being tracked in the 8busB/Dnv booth, and the bass being recorded through D.I. in the EMP room. All bookings were made because of limitations towards the end of trimester, but in actual fact recording like this has helped us achieve more from less – something quite common in the ever expanding home recording meta.

The track will be linked in next weeks blog post even if the link has to be updated after the publish date, because there will not be a week 13 blog post. I will however attempt to keep this updated over the holidays as I have a few things I want to work on, plus the side projects that I have been talking about up until now. More on this next week..

Shit Narnia is taking a week break before we track the final vocal parts with studios scheduled for:

  • 10am-10pm Wednesday 19th (TLA)
  • 2pm-10pm Friday 21st (TLA)

I may end up using the Friday session to track vocals for the reinterpretation instead, and so more sessions in the final week (Week 13) will be booked as backup for mixing the EP.

Side Quests!

Feature Film
I now know a few of the intricacies behind importing both audio and video from video editing software into Pro Tools, as well as understanding the workflow of video editing. Needless to say I’ve finally managed to get a working session with which to build on and so this project is fully underway.

Transnational Crash
Hopefully tracking drums before campus closes for the holidays.. Have booked sessions but await a reply from the band if they can make the only times available.


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