Week 10

We have recorded most of the EP for Shit Narnia now, needing only to record a few vocal parts before mixing.

  • 10am-10pm Wednesday 19th (TLA): Finish recording vocals and finalize/bounce our mixes
  • 2pm-10pm Friday 21st (TLA): Extra session for backup and/or running 2 track bounces through the tape machine

    Because of the workflow of this project I will hold from posting anything until the EP is finished.

Have had another jam session which we have recorded for reference once again using the Zoom H6 stereo mic. Next week we have the 8bus/Drum and Vocal Booth (Isolation Booth) booked which contains a Tascam [PLACEHOLDER]. I haven’t had to use this setup in a while as I try to avoid it due to its limitations of having only 4 inputs running from the booth to the desk. To combat this I’ve been doing some research on minimalist drum recordings by reading articles such as:




I’ve decided to use the Glyn Johns Technique which as several of those articles state, involves an overhead and side mic which provide the stereo image, and a kick and snare close mic to help and punch and clarity to the two main elements of the kit.

Side Quests!

Feature Film

I had only just begun to import audio by referencing the EDL file when I hit a multitude of problems. Not only was the audio not edited (since it had been edited in Premier Pro, while we had the master copy), but none of the time stamps seemed to line up… Thankfully staff with video editing backgrounds on campus managed to help me out, and I now know of a much easier way (at least in this specific circumstance) to carry the video editing suites audio across to tools. OMF files can act as a container for audio and package the audio directly from an export of the audio open in the session. I have requested an OMF file with various specifications and should receive this soon.

Transnational Crash

I have finally contacted the band for their decision on what they want to do and they seem keen to get in before the end of the trimester if at all possible. I’m aiming to finish everything before the final week in order to facilitate this, but need to make sure campus isn’t closing early for the move (we’re moving campus over the break).


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