Week 9

Next week we have multiple sessions for the Shit Narnia EP project. To prepare for this we have researched various recording techniques for tracking bands live, and have decided that the best way to approach the situation with the space that we’re using (1 iso booth, 1 main room, control room; visual connection via windows), is as follows:

  • Track the band live with…

    – Guitar in the Vocal Booth

    – Drums in the main space

    – Vocals in the control room

    – Bass in the main space

  • D.I the bass and Re-Amp at a later point in time.
  • Overdub the vocals for clarity, after a microphone test session with Hugh to determine which mic to use, and whether or not to use a blend.
  • Record the guitar in the vocal booth to allow for separation and to be able to capture their desired tone.

The microphone test session was carried out this week and yielded the following results…please keep in mind that the opinion of each microphone is from the perspective of the vocalist – to ensure that he gets the sound that he likes.

AKG C414

Liked for both parts but brings out the sibilance a lot. Can be processed out and pop filters will be a must.


Liked for the poetic spoken parts. Not for the sung vocals.


Although very comfortable with this microphone, it is a no go. Being dynamic it requires close proximity when used and therefore accentuates the nasal sound and the lows. It sounded flat.

SE Z5600A

Liked the smooth/ clear & warm tone on the sung parts. We needed to gain this a little harder in the test run but I think this will be a great choice.


The spoken vocals sounded really nice through the Rode.

For the reinterpretation assignment we have met again and recorded our practice session on a zoom recorder through the on-board stereo mics. I’m not comfortable sharing our recordings yet, as they are fairly washy but the important thing to take from this is that we will have each session available for reference/recall.

Side Quests!

Feature Film

We have now met the producer of the film and have agreed upon delivering a weekly progress report on Wednesdays to keep them in the loop. Transcoding the video has taken longer than expected and this is what we are currently waiting on before we can start.

Transnational Crash

L O A D I N G . . .


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