Week 6

This is the final blog post for the first wave of assignments!

Here is a link to the final Liar Liar clip from my group.

The V/A was done by all the members of our group rather than actual voice actors and as a result is probably the weakest part of our project. Unfortunately it’s hard finding people to do this sort of thing and I’d used up most of my contacts for Torchbug V/A. It was good to be forced to try things outside our comfort zone though.

The Cake – The Distance mixes can be found below…

Analog Mix

In The Box Mix

Side Quests!

Feature Film

Trevor and I view the film early next week to make the final call about taking on the project or not. It seems like a lot of work but is easily the best opportunity we’ve been given so far. Here is a link to the website of the man whom we’d be working with, as well as a link to some articles (SMH, Crikey) about his first film Jugular (this is his second).

Transnational Crash

L O A D I N G . . .


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