Week 5

This week we used our Post Production prac to get feedback on our progress so far with the foley for the Liar Liar clip. It’s still too early for me to be confidently uploading any material from this project so instead I’ll talk about something we tried this week for use with this project.

I’ve been wanting to start experimenting with convolution reverb for a while now, and this assignment seemed to provide an opportunity to do so. Using Thabo’s laptop/interface/monitors, as well as a(flat response) Behringer ECM8000 mic borrowed from SAE and the IR Tool that comes with Ableton Live 9 Suite (Max for Live), we attempted to take an IR reading of a local hall to use as the reverb send for the courtroom scenes.

Whilst researching this I also discovered that it’s possible to take IR readings of analog gear e.g. tape machine, desk channels, particular EQ or compression settings you like, the choices seem endless and I hope to get Ableton running on my old laptop soon so I can start doing this!

Also we have formed groups for the productions during the second half of the trimester. There is a band EP task, and a track to produce/engineer to be part of a class built EP with future plans to create a small label to release it on.

My group for the band EP is made up of Sam D’Amico, Lee McQuillan and myself. We will be recording Shit Narnia.

The single reinterpretation track is Trevor and I again, however we will be working with other musicians (read: anyone I can find), as we butcher The Clean – Anything Could Happen, and attempt to turn it into a Garage Punk/Art Punk or basically into anything else in order to meet the criteria.

Side Quests!

Possible New Project

Bobby from Torchbug (project leader and lead designer) has passed us on a movie project that would include foley and mastering. Trevor and I meet with the producer next week.

Transnational Crash

L o a d i n g . . .


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