Week 4

There were two pracs this week, TLA mixing in preparation for the analog mixdown for the Studio Production Task, and Post Production Mixing, which included general mixing techniques and situations in which to use them. Note that the trumpet section of the Studio Production Task has changed and now requires us to sythesise some brass and keys patches to suit the song. We have a session booked Monday 29th to get the parts good enough for for the vocal recording that Friday.

Side Quests!


With over 30 studio hours and quite a few more at home throughout the week, this has taken up most of my time. Here is a link to the deliverables folder. Here is a link to the most recent build of the game.

Transnational Crash

This is being moved to the backburner for now with more projects on the way. It seems likely that we will re record in the coming mid trimester break, although time permitting it would be nice to have the drums down sooner than that.


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