Week 3

This week we had an ADR prac in the c24, where we learned efficient recording techniques, session management, and good practices.


Because of the kinesthetic appeal of DAW’s it is easy to develop bad habits through repetition and it becomes important to actively seek to improve workflow. Learning how to use features/aspects of the program or even a new keyboard shortcut can improve your workflow ten-fold.

One aspect that stood out to me on that day was the ability to send audio files created in the loop record/play manner to the clip list and nowhere else. From there you can then use find matching alternatives by right-clicking the clip and going to find matching alternatives, check the tick-box for same track and start location and you suddenly have all the alternatives to cycle through. This can then be comp’d to playlists or directly to the track, saving session room and reducing the clutter that 20,000 playlists can create.

Post Production Task

We have recorded some baseline foley and I have spent some time editing and arranging what we have, however this is still in the early days. I feel as though the Torchbug project is eating into my time management, however I’ll talk more about that in the Torchbug section.

Pre Production Task

I now have a partner for this (Trevor Torelli) and we have begun arranging the framework for this. Expect to see some info in this section in next weeks blog.

Side Quests!


Torchbug has been taking up all of my time…or so it seems. Luckily our deadline is fast approaching and by the end of next week it will all be over.

Not to take away from the experience though, I’ve really enjoyed working cross-discipline within larger production teams.

This week we recorded most of the V/A lines, however I don’t have individually edited files to upload yet, so expect that next week.
Instead, here are some machine gun shots as well as some shotgun shots.

Transnational Crash

Trevor and I have spoken with one of the members from the band (who have just reunited themselves after a holiday break) and we have discussed the very real option of re-recording. As it currently stands all the Tom hits would need replacing, and while the best take we have of any of the songs was them all playing together, the rest lack coherence and energy. The reason for this is that we did not map out tempo/time sig. changes (Prog Life), and as a result had to rely on the drummers timing and innate ability. While he is very good, editing becomes a lot harder and time consuming without a grid to work to.


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