Week 1

Welcome back!

This trimester I will be aiming to make this blog more user friendly and easier to read. Previously I had used it to just document weekly sessions for my lecturer to keep track of my progress on various projects. I’ve just learned that our weekly blog is to be given to potential “employers” for the internship part of my degree, and so as such intend to target this more towards them (you!).

This week we received our first batch of assignments which included a post production task which in small groups we coordinate and compile complete audio to a 3 minute film clip (Liar Liar), including foley, ADR, and soundtrack and a studio production task continuing on from last trimester which includes running two separate studio sessions (Trumpet and Vocals), as well as two separate mixes of the track (Cake – The Distance). One mix is to be done on an analog desk using only outboard gear, and the other is to be done only inside the box. Both mixes will be submitted as to master in 44.1 24 bit.

This week we have only really touched on the post production task as we have already been allocated groups. My group is made up of Thabo Milton-Jonas, Sam D’Amico and Myself. I’ve set up both a Facebook group and a shared folder system on Google Drive which I won’t link on here, but will instead provide regular updates and examples. For future reference all of these examples will be uploaded and shared via Soundcloud.

Side Quests!

This section will be at the bottom of every blog and give updates and examples of progress on projects which I have taken on outside of our current workload at SAE.


This week I have been working with Trevor Torelli on Torchbug, a game that we are providing audio assets for to be featured at Supanova. The idea is to get it out of the way as quickly as possible before we start getting more assignments. See this section for more Torchbug related info.

Transnational Crash

This is the other name that you should see popping up in this section. The Transitional Crash are a band which Trevor Torelli and myself recorded in our first trimester of the Diploma of Sound Production, we’ve since kept in contact with them and have taken on recording an EP style release over the holidays just past. See this section for more Transnational Crash related info.


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