Week 12 Summary

Tuesday 2-10pm TLA

Recorded a few final bits of foley, including the abuse and destruction and abuse of an orange (for layering with other sounds for flesh hit noises), dropping a broken cymbal to be pitched down and used as a church bell hitting the floor, and some final arrow clatters/hits involving different surfaces i.e. metal, stone, tile.

Wednesday 10-6pm Tascam

Spent the first two hours doing my own mix of our peace song (the track we delivered first in week 6-7), not much was changed but a few elements were taken out, balanced differently, and panned differentially. Also slightly different vocal processing was used involving subtle amounts of distortion, chorus-like effects, and other methods aimed at thickening the vocals (as i took out some backing vocal elements that I felt didn’t fit). A link to the track can be found here.

Trevor arrived at 12 and we begun working on editing and bouncing the remaining foley, which we finished within this session.

Thursday 10-2pm TLA/10-2pm C24

Unfortunately I had two groups with bookings during this time slot and as I was running between sessions it would be fair to assume that the group members present for each session put in more work than I did. What was accomplished during these sessions however was the final mix of the war track by Eddy, and final bounces and re-uploads of foley that we were not happy with, by Liam and Trevor.

Friday 6-10pm Neve

Originally booked to finish the sound for the opening cinematic (something extra we took on at the start of the project). We quickly found that the Neve didn’t contain any of the Kontakt library, and so our focus shifted to checking all our submissions/uploads to Google drive and making sure nothing was missing. We spent roughly 2 hours on this before having to leave early with nothing else to work on until the following day.

Saturday 10-2pm EMP

With access to Kontakt we were able to finish the cinematic, opting for a minimalistic approach for both practical and thematic reasons. One of the few references we were given at the start of the game was the original Thief game, which combined with what we have/had seen of the game so far suggested that the game was dark and eerie.


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