Week 11 Summary

War Track

Monday 20th April 6-10 Neve

Managed to get most of the group together in the Neve to work on and discuss our progress and direction with the war track. We heard vocals that Freddie had written and had been practicing (rap vocals), as well as recorded through D.I. some more electric guitar, which both Marcus and Paul played.

Wednesday 22nd April 10-6 EMP

Gave my booking to Marcus and set him up with our WIP session so he could edit drums and work on the guitar that he wanted to add to the track. Then I headed to Eddy’s house to work on finding more vocal samples, after spending an hour or two there we decided that it would be faster if I was working from my own computer so I took a copy of the Ableton session that Eddy had at home and brought it in to Marcus before heading home to find and upload more samples to our shared folder or Google Drive.

Thursday 23rd April 10-2 TLA

Mixed down everything we had so far into a 2 track bounce that we could hand in so we didn’t miss the deadline. Stupidly I didn’t have time to reference and some elements we’re not sitting right when I listened to it later on. The main purpose of this was so we met all deadlines, and didn’t lose marks, although the general consensus is that we would like to finish this track properly and submit it for the student showcase (JUST CREA8).

Saturday 25th April 10-2 TLA (Extended until ~5pm)

Started tracking drums and some non-sampled elements to tape. We probably need another session to finish this off. We also heard an alternate mix by Paul that included previously unheard elements that suited the track. Asked Paul to bounce stems and hopefully, with these elements, the track could be complete. As I had to leave early for work I have not heard the final result of this session and will have to wait until Tuesday to get it from the student exchange drive.

Peace Track

There has been talk of getting another mix done for our first track, to take out and slightly change a few elements of the track, however no session has been booked yet. Hopefully there will be time this week to get this done.

Please note that both a bounce of the Peace and War track have been uploaded to the folder which we were required to put them in for submission.

Nemeton’s End

Tuesday 21st EMP 2-6

This session was spent editing and uploading foley. Around a third of our foley has been delivered now, as well as all of our VA. Various sound track requirements have also been uploaded and shared.

Friday 24th April Tascam 10-6

More foley editing and uploading. One previously uploaded set was re-edited and re uploaded as we had forgotten to take the sub bass out and it sounded stupid. The majority of foley has been delivered with sessions booked in the following week to finish the elements that have yet to be uploaded. We are on track to have everything delivered by the end of next week which has been cited as the preferred time, despite the project being due the following week (I think)..


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