Week 10 Summary

War Track

Thursday 16th April

Live drums were tracked in the c24/Ground Recording room by “Splash,” a drummer whom Eddy had previously recorded and had recommended to our group a few weeks ago. Mixing in the TLA may not be possible at this stage because of time restrictions, however I do have one session booked on the 23rd which I could end up using for the final mixdown.

Nemeton’s End

Monday 13th

Tracked all V/A in the TLA/Level 1 Recording Room using the SEz5600aII. We recorded multiple takes for each line as well as some grunts/hit etc noises. We didn’t use compression coming into tools and so several lines had to be repeated as they clipped when the V/A screamed or shouted, apart from this we had no real issues. Rob from the games team came in and checked the session for consistency as well as offered insight and background on certain lines when the V/A needed more information.

Thursday 16th

We spent our common session in the c24 as well as another session booked after it (10-2, 2-6) editing and uploading the vocals. While minimal processing was applied (light compression, EQ, De-Essing), it still took almost all of the 8 hours to finish and upload each line as an individual file. Rather than link the upload here I will send an email with the link in it so that no one else can have access.

Saturday 18th

We booked this session to work on soundtrack and give Trevor some feedback on what he’d achieved so far. I brought both my guitar and micro Korg in so we had some extra elements to work with. We came to an agreement to work on the animatic and after a few bumps (none of us had imported video into Pro Tools before), we managed to record quite a few different elements including a looped bass drone, stabs/one shots, swells, drum patterns. Anything that we didn’t record straight out of the Korg, we used Komplete Elements for, which contained some nice drum sample kits which it lets you manipulate quite heavily.

Summer Collision Mix

Tuesday 14th

I chose to mix the Summer Collision track in the TLA which means that I couldn’t come back to the mix later to tweak or re-bounce to include anything that I might have missed. I spent the Tuesday morning class organising the session and writing in the animation needed to keep the lead vocalist (which changed a few times thoughout the track) in the center and louder than the other vocalists. I used one of the TLA outboard compressors as a really light master compression (1:1.5) to get the track to sound a bit more cohesive, but didn’t go crazy on the makeup gain so there was still dynamic in the track and it was master-ready.


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