Summer Collision Mix


Each guitar a small boost at around 100hz which was an attempt at giving the track a percussive element seeing as it had no drums and no real bottom end. Each guitar track was also bussed to a guitar aux track (not a submix), this Aux had a compressor, EQ and sansamp on it.


The vocals were automated so that when the lead vocalist changed, the lead Vox would still be louder than the backing Vox, as well as still being in the centre. Each vocal was also bussed to an Aux track with further EQ and a small amount of reverb.


Due to the fact that I set this session up before actually starting to mix, the room track had no effects inserted on the actual track and was instead sent directly to another stereo Aux track which then contained EQ and reverb.


Originally I bounced the two track at SAE through the TLA desk and TLA compressor. I then offline bounced the two track at home to 3 separate files (44.1 /w maxim, 44.1 w/o maxim, and 48k w/o maxim). The idea was that I would give the maxim bounce to the artists for review however after uploading these to soundcloud something went wrong and there was no audio. I have since remedied the problem and am re-uploading all 3 tracks as I write this.


I was fairly happy with how my mix turned out however there was one problem which I couldn’t seem to fix, which was caused by one of the vocalists recording their take standing too far away from the microphone. I’m pretty surprised we didn’t catch that during recording, but to deal with this problem I tried boosting frequencies that would resemble an increase in proximity effect. Unfortunately this didn’t really work and I was left with an awkward EQ that seemed to boost too much and have to make up for it by decreasing the output of the EQ.


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