Week 9 Summary

This week begun with the tail end of the Easter holidays which hampered our planning and affected when we could book studio time. This coupled with the campus remaining closed on Sundays, and a number of other factors, has made it hard to organise group session times. However I still believe each project that I am a part of is ahead of the curve when it comes to their respective deadlines.

War Track

The drummer has been booked for Thursday 16th 6-10pm in the control 24/Ground Recording Room, and the skeletal drum track for him to record has been arranged. We have several ideas running for the vocals but they can’t really be developed and compared until we have the final drums down. Fred is prepared to rap over the track and has written lyrics, and Eddie and are about halfway through composing a vocal line out of samples from movies including Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and Full metal Jacket.

Sunday 12th April

Spent several hours with Eddie chopping up vocal samples, have found a few longer ones that can be looped and several stabs, as well as a host of other “one liners,” and quotes that meaning relevant to the topic of war can be inferred from.

Nemeton’s End

Thursday 9th April

Recorded majority of foley using two MK012’s, a NTG3 Shotgun, and the Rode K2. Constructed a metal shaker out of two pieces of metal, some different sized nuts, and duct tape which was then used to record armor related noises. Footsteps were also recorded using cardboard to muffle the bright sound of the wooden floor, as well as other materials found in the c24 (tiles, rocks) to record the remainder of footsteps on different surfaces.

Saturday 11th April

Finished foley with the exception of the cats roar which Trevor wants to synthesize. Some interesting ideas from tonight’s session were pulling rope across itself while maintaining tension for a bow draw sound, and using a watermelon as a body when recording sword/arrow body hits. We have agreed that we need one final session for foley for post production/editing and bouncing for delivery/upload, however with V/A recording on Monday 13th, there will be at least 1 or 2 other sessions before finishing off the foley.


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