Week 8

War Track

This week we got together as a group once before the weekly presentation and arranged the skeleton track out of a few samples and loops that were originally decided upon as the basis for the war track. We have sourced a drummer and now wait upon Eddy to finalize the drum track before we bring in and record our live drummer. In the meantime it is everyone’s job to source and edit vocal samples from various movies that we have specified including but not limited to Fight Club, Rocknrolla, Layer Cake, Reservoir Dogs, Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrells, Pulp Fiction, Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Black Hawk Down, Lone Wolf and Cub. I am in the early stages of importing lines from these movies and should have some links uploaded by the following week. In the meantime here is a link to the skeleton track mentioned earlier.

Nemeton’s End

We have established a common session time of Thursdays 10-2pm of which the majority of the bookings will be in the C24 and Ground Recording Room. This session will be used for Foley and VA recordings as well as referencing  sound track progress and sharing ideas. Our first session was unfortunately in the NEVE as the C24 was taken and so it was used mainly for referencing small snippets of sound design and general ideas for the sound track, as well as meeting with the games students/showing them our progress and discussing the direction of the game itself.

Cake – The Distance

On Thursday we recorded the vocals for this track (Main vox, Backing vox, Double track etc). It was recorded using the K2 for the main vocals and the SE Z5600a II for the chorus of backing vocals. While the track is essentially spoken word there was quite a few different tracks of vocals to get down which multiple backing and ad lib style vocals to track as well. This was all recorded in the TLA & Level 1 Recording Room.


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