Week 6

Peace Track

Monday 16th March

Vocals session in the TLA and Level 1 Recording room, Recorded a full vocal take with the sm7b. Also recorded Ad-Lib and some male vocals using the same mic. Vocalists form was out and she was losing her voice however the session lacked clear purpose and direction and I felt like we ended up with incomplete assets to work with. While this effects the current mix, I would like to try another mix changing certain elements i.e. without harmonies and with a synth bass & some different processing.

Tuesday 17th March

Session in the TLA mixing down the track for presentation on Wednesday. We used both hardware compressors, sending the vocals and bass respectively. The bounce omitted the Rhodes samples and I re-bounced them back in over the top of the two track mix down after getting home.

Wednesday 18th March

Presented track to the class and discussed briefly the possibility of editing the final mix. I uploaded the session file to Google Drive so everyone can access it and basically if anyone has a mix they like, they can share it with the group.

Cake – The distance

On Thursday afternoon we headed into the TLA to record the guitar and bass parts for this assignment. We were to record bass to 4 tracks – DI, SansAmp ‘dirty’ DI, EV RE20 (close mic), Rode K2 (further away). The guitar was also recorded with multiple mics however it was not a stereo recording per say, seeing as the previous group recorded the same guitar part with a different amp. These two recordings (same guitar, mics, guitar part, different amp, different takes, would be then panned left and right and cover the stereo field.

EMP Track

Trevor and I presented our track Tuesday afternoon and after receiving feedback and talking about it have made a few small adjustments but have decided to submit it this week in order to focus on other projects. The blog post can be found on this wordpress account and the bounce has been uploaded to my soundcloud as per the terms of submission.

Nemeton’s End

Have made contact with the group and agreed upon a meeting time early next week. All members now have access to both the Facebook page and the Google Drive folder.


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