Remix or Original EMP Track

Out of interests sake both Trevor and I decided to create an original track as opposed to remixing the Beardyman track as we agreed it would be a good project for him to tutor me in Massive and Ableton at the same time. I agreed upon Trevor’s suggestion of House/Tech House as it gave us more open options for arrangement with a simple 4/4 beat allowing us to work smoother. We decided to try to incorporate live acoustic guitar which we recorded with a DI and gave us a chord progression to work from. The guitar we used to record was a Yamaha APX 500II.

We both took turns at driving the session and alternated between ideas that each of us had, slowly building on the track.

Around the middle of the song is a drop involving an automated drop in tempo before changing the tracks mood and feel by reversing both the chord progression and waveforms of the guitar giving the guitar notes a longer attack more reminiscent of a synthesizer pad.

It was quite hard using a DI’d sub-par quality guitar sample but after some difficulty of getting it to sit within the track we layered with piano chords in order to block out some of the attack on the guitar notes without losing the acoustic sustain and timbre.

Every composition session was done with both of us present, so essentially we had a common session rather than file system seeing as all elements of the project were within the Ableton Project File.


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