Live Band Recording

Our group recorded the Lorde – Royals cover , tracking 3 Vocals and Acoustic Guitar. 3 AKG c414s where used for the 3 female vocals arranged in a slight arc around the end of the Ground Recording Room. The guitarist was on the other side with two nt5’s micing the acoustic guitar in an x y setup with the Rode NT2A positioned further back as a room mic – the guitar mics used cardioid patterns to avoid as much vocals as possible. Both nt5s were sent through the UA preamp while the vocals and room mic went through the focusrite.

Seeing as I set the session up I decided to do my take first which turned out pretty average. Some vocals were off-key and the band was clearly feeling the pressure of having so many people in the studio watching over them. Liam probably had the best normal take as the band was well warmed up towards the end and had relaxed quite a bit however Lee’s take at the end was the one the band ended up choosing and was in my opinion the best. He asked them to slow down and calmed them down by joking with them, it was then just a matter of time before they calmed down and were able to record a slower and more soulful version of the track.


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