Week 5

War and Peace

Monday 9th c24

Spent session with Marcus recording more guitar, both he and I took turns at improvising over the top of the track and at recording and operating the desk.

Tuesday 10th c24

Talked with Paul and Marcus about the presentation the following day and the direction of the track. We all felt we needed the vocals before recording much more and much of the tracks arrangement still felt up in the air. After speaking with all the other group members we’ve decided to work more from campus for the next song, we feel that it will help us more with organization if we were together as a group more often. After the session I chopped up the guitar from Monday and took one element that could be looped in the song at some point, bouncing a version of the song with the elements sitting ‘roughly’ in the mix.

Wednesday 11th

Following the presentation I went back to Eddy’s house and we worked on the arrangement of the track, changing a few elements and writing a bass line and lead synth that seemed to fit the song more. We also removed all guitar from the song.

Friday 13th

Vocals recording session – missed due to work. Hook has recorded.

Saturday 14th

Vocals recording session in the TLA/Level 1 Recording Room. Recorded full song without harmonies in 3 different mic’s for comparison (SM7B, C414, SE Z5600A II). Decided on the SM7B and booked date for harmonies (Monday 16th).

EMP Track

Saturday 14th

Met with Trevor and finalized track, no further sessions should be needed and we have the session shared over Google Drive.

Nemeton’s End

I’ve ensured that the audio students working on this have their contact details in the shared Google doc, however none of the games students have the details up yet so it’s been hard to get in contact with them. I have created a Facebook group and shared file system on Google Drive for all elements of the project.


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