Week 4

This week begun on Tuesday as Monday was a public holiday, and no studios were available as the campus was closed.

War and Peace

An array of uploads dotted our Facebook group page as we now had the complete arrangement of the drums and keys recorded, making it possible for Paul and myself to begin adding bass and guitar.

In hindsight it would have been easier to write a bass line before the keys were added. Guitar wasn’t exactly the easiest either as I only had an acoustic and DI options, and after spending an entire session in the EMP Saturday night rerecording the guitar part that I had already recorded – as well as adding new parts, I scrapped the whole session. I then proceeded to cut up what I already had and arrange it through the track.

The keys/drum mix with guitar has been added to Google drive and a Dropbox link has been supplied to all group members via the Facebook group.

Essentially what we need now is to record the vocals and have a mixing session or two to ensure that everyone in the group is happy with the song.

Admittedly if I get time I would like to add to the guitar but I realise that taking this project on as artists as well as students was a choice that we made, and our priorities lie with having a ‘finished’ product ready for the due date.

During the presentation this week we shared early ideas for the war track and I discussed a possible tie between the two tracks.

Gary Numan Synth

The presentation for the Are ‘Friends’ Electric synth recreation was also this week – on Tuesday. It went fairly well however there was no time to go over the history of the synth or the song (I get the feeling we weren’t supposed to research this), however I handed it in with the deliverable section of the assignment.

EMP Remix OR Original Assignment

Trevor and I actually begun this a while ago believing it to be a separate assignment to the remix, but in light of reality and because we found it to be more enjoyable, we have chosen to hand in an original that we have been working on in the EMP over a number of sessions. On Saturday morning we finished the track in the sense that it’s probably as long as it’s going to be and contains most elements, however we’ve agreed on at least one more session to mix it and make sure we are happy with the result.


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