Week 3

War and Peace

Early this week I managed to get in and DI my guitar through the UA tube preamp in the c24.

Universal Audio 2-610 Dual Channel Tube Pre-amplifier.

The result was the following three exerts, overdubbed roughly over the end section of the recording that we showed on Tuesday.


We also now have the complete basic arrangement for the track here https://soundcloud.com/f_r_y/peace-track-v1-wip

I suggested an idea on the group discussion page on Facebook, where we would use the same basic idea of the drum track to build both tracks, so that both tracks would inherently be tied to each other without it being to obvious why. This is the bass idea that Paul posted that begun this thought.

https://soundcloud.com/paul-gray sae/sets/war_and_peace_bass_ideas

Gary Numan

Trevor and I hit the studio to finish the deliverables for the synth recreation assignment Trevor recreated our patch file taking screenshots of each step to piece together a step by step guide whilst I researched both the history of the original synthesizer in question (Moog Polymoog Analog Synth) as well as some background on the track with a direct quote from Gary Numan about the motif and writing of Are ‘Friends’ Electric.

This is a .rar file containing our components of the assignment.


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