Week 2

War & Peace: A Group Assignment.

Eddy, Frederik, Paul, Marcus and myself make up the nameless group tasked with recording 2 separate tracks throughout the trimester. We have decided to attempt the peace themed track first as it leaves us more time to be creative with war.

On Tuesday we got together and discussed ideas and compared what each of us could bring to the project. We decided on a genre or rough approach at the time without two members present which in hindsight doesn’t sound like the best idea but we felt pressed to set some things in stone. To be honest if anyone felt wronged I don’t care if they want to make some of the groundwork ideas for the following song. Each of us left the studio session with a clear goal, and a Facebook group, Google Docs page were setup to allow for easier communication.

Eddy posted a few skeletal beats for each member to work with and I have since been working on melody. Unfortunately all did not go as planned and my computer has passed away, I can recover data later but I’ve lost my main hub for all my work… I expect to spend a lot more time at SAE until I can get a new one.

Recreation of a famous synthesizer line.

We have been given the task of either recreating a famous synthesizer line or creating a genre specific synthesizer line, and then creating a step by step tutorial on how to do it. I chose to work in a pair for this assignment so as to cover both learning outcomes, as an added bonus it gives me the opportunity to learn from someone who has a background in EMP. For this reason Trevor and I chose to work with a synthesizer that he was familiar with, Massive so that he could tutor me.

On Saturday Trevor and I headed into the EMP room to work on the project and by the end of the session had the sound and the session file/patch file saved. We haven’t booked the next session yet but I expect to take a week to work on other assignments before writing up the tutorial.

The last assignment I intend to talk about is actually this blog, it’s something I’m really new to and sadly I see it being one of the more challenging assignments. At least I hope the repetition will improve my writing and at the very least it would be good to be able to continue this throughout the rest of my time at SAE.


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